Rebooting Work in the Cloud

I’m convinced this is one of the most exciting times in the history of work – and one of the best times for anyone to enter the workforce. The old ways of working, which may have led previous generations to success, no longer guarantee the same results. The world is changing. How we work in this world must change with it. We must adopt and adapt to the emerging technologies and techniques. It’s not just a better way – rebooting work is essential for the new era we live in.

The cloud, in particular, has transformed how we conduct business—in both our professional and personal lives.  Because of cloud, the world is connected unlike ever before. While efficiency, cost and speed are the most frequently identified advantages of the cloud, the greatest advantage is the speed with which you can innovate once there.

LiveOps, for example, exemplifies cloud innovation. This is a company that has been developing cloud technology long before cloud was even “cool.” LiveOps has been a true cloud company from day one. And recently, with the launch of LiveOps Engage, they’ve leveraged their cloud experience and customer service expertise to create a tool that is transforming how an entire industry works.

The decades’ old call center industry doesn’t have the right tools to enable contact center agents to successfully interact with today’s cloud-enabled, social and mobile consumers. LiveOps Engage is the right tool. By arming agents  with an integrated, multichannel desktop and access to historical customer information all in one screen, agents  are able to perform faster and with greater accuracy on any channel—social, mobile, traditional voice, email, and chat. They’re happier about their ability to do a job well. And statistics show that 96% of customers who believe the agent they’re interacting with is happy, have a significantly better customer experience. Happy agents equal happy customers which equal happy companies. Everybody wins.

The most important tool in the industry—the agent desktop—has received a much needed makeover to empower employees to work better, faster, smarter. LiveOps is rebooting work in the contact center industry.

Cloud applications, such as GoToMeeting, Google Docs, and now LiveOps Engage, are prime examples of how cloud innovators are rebooting work to help fix problems in long-standing industries that have antiquated technology. This is essential for any employee, in any industry.

The opportunity in front of us is exciting. It’s inspiring. And it’s going to continue. All you have to do is embrace the power of technology, not only to improve the way you work, but also the way your company works.

How has the cloud changed the way you live and work? Check out this video for more information on Rebooting Work in the Cloud:

– Maynard Webb, Chairman of LiveOps (former CEO) and board member of and Yahoo! Previously he was the COO of eBay. Maynard’s first book, Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship, released on January 29, 2013, is a New York Times’ Best Seller.