How to Share Your Whiteboard on a Video Conference Call

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Whiteboarding works really well if you’re in the room and you’re sharing concepts and explaining ideas, but if you’re calling in on video, you can feel a little left out. No matter how good you are with digital flowchart apps in an online meeting, the whiteboard is still king when it comes to explaining complex ideas in the meeting room. Here’s how you can make any standard whiteboard a part of your video conferencing experience with Lifesize Share™ and Kaptivo.

5 Reasons to Add Whiteboarding to your Video Conference Call

1. Better Collaboration

Whiteboarding removes barriers from your brainstorming sessions and makes it easy for anyone to just pick up a dry-erase marker and start illustrating ideas. The freeform nature of a physical whiteboard improves collaboration by reducing the rigidity of software-based solutions.

2. No Distractions or Distortion

Kaptivo intelligently removes people, reflections, glare and shadows and enhances the full-color whiteboarding session for online meeting participants. No need to maneuver your webcam toward the board — the Kaptivo camera captures everything effortlessly.

3. Capture, Document and Review

Online meeting participants can see the live whiteboard just like any other presentation, and meeting moderators can easily record the meeting and access a full timeline presentation of the whiteboarding session to share in a recap or host for future reference.

4. Prioritize Security

All Lifesize calls are encrypted by default, and Kaptivo uses SSL encryption and join-approval protocols to keep digital whiteboard sessions private and sensitive information hidden.

5. Easy to Install and Set Up

Setup is plug and play. Attach the camera above your whiteboard and pair it to your Lifesize Share to enable one-click whiteboard presentation sharing.

Get Started with Meeting Room Automation from Lifesize Share

Lifesize Share makes it remarkably simple to add wireless screen sharing and room automation to your meeting rooms. Save the hassle and lost time trying to find and pass along the right dongle or cord — and make all that clutter disappear, too. Share your screen, integrate digital signage and enable whiteboard sharing with Lifesize Share. Schedule a quick demo to learn more.