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What is it?
Using the Custom Reporting Attribute notation, you can now report on custom interaction attributes defined in a flow. In this notation, you can define:

  • Attribute name
  • Attribute value
  • Whether the attribute is associated with a specific agent, the agent in the interaction, or the interaction only

For example, you can design your flow to collect a customer’s account number using the Collect Digits notation, and then save the entered value with the Custom Reporting Attribute notation. You can report on the value (in this example, the customer’s account number) in a custom report or in one of the following new standard reports:

  • Custom Interaction Attributes: Shows the names and values of custom attributes associated with an interaction.
  • Custom Interaction Attributes by Agent: Shows the names and values of custom attributes associated with an agent in an interaction.

Key Benefit(s)
Gain valuable insights into interactions and agents. Filter interactions and agents via custom interaction attributes to create and track interaction and agent segments based on their values.

Good to Know

  • Attribute Names are case sensitive
  • Attribute Names are the unique identifier for the attribute
  • Attribute Values are stored as strings
  • You cannot perform functions like average & sum on custom attributes
  • Custom Attributes are only available in historical reporting only, no real-time support