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What is it?
Interaction segments are legs of the interaction that are associated with a single agent. For example, if an agent transfers an interaction, a new segment is created.

The following standard reports are now included in historical reporting:

  • Interaction Segment Details by Agent: Provides the details of each individual agent segment that makes up an interaction. The interaction ID included in the report identifies the interaction from the customer’s perspective.
  • Interaction Segment Summary by Agent: Provides the total transfer, add participant, and segment data for each agent.
  • Interaction Segment Summary by Agent to Agent: Provides data for agents and each agent that they add to a conversation through a transfer or add participant action. You can use this report to identify trends such as agents who frequently add the same agents as participants to their interactions.

Key Benefit(s)
Reports on a call from the customers perspective. Detailed account of customer data and the individual agent(s) segments.

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