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Solution at a Glance

Industry: Services and Facility Management

Employees: 300 employees and member cooperatives

Customer Since: 2016

Monthly Calls: 100+

Conference Room Systems: 8

Why Lifesize

  • Secure and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-efficient
  • Support for third-party solutions
  • Connect anywhere, on any device
  • 24x7x365 support
  • Reduce travel and maintenance costs


The National Consortium of Services (CNS) is a cooperative group of services specialists who support clients with outsourced management and contracted employees in specified fields. With 170 member cooperatives throughout Italy, CNS offers a broad range of services, including facility management, maintenance, catering, energy, ecology, logistics and museum services.


CNS is always looking for ways to utilize technology to improve program offerings and optimize the way they manage their partners and customers. The consortium was looking for a communication and collaboration solution that would be able to support the company’s large supplier base without complicating the way the organization functions.

“Our employees were looking for a solution that would make communicating with associates and customers quick and easy but also be able to grow alongside our growing member and supplier base in a secure and strategic way.”

— Gjoka, ICT Manager of the National Services Consortium

Primary requirements for the solution were ease of use and interoperability. The CNS team needed to provide internal and external end users a way to meet quickly that would be intuitive to learn and would not require IT to facilitate day-to-day meetings. The solution would also need to interoperate with a range of third-party solutions so that customers and clients would be able to connect from their devices without issue.

“Lifesize was undoubtedly a winning one for having responded impeccably to our requirements. The ‘lightness’ of the cloud allows rapid implementation of updates, allowing us to have systems always equipped with the latest features and always perfectly integrated with the business systems.”


CNS implemented eight Lifesize video conferencing systems in the Bologna, Milan and Rome offices, and the enterprise-grade, WebRTC-friendly Lifesize app ensures that anyone with a laptop can connect to a video call from any location. With an average of about 107 video calls a month and 63,000 minutes of video calling this year alone, the deployment of Lifesize has completely reduced travel, increased collaboration and happiness among employees and eased communication across the organization.


Since the deployment of Lifesize, not only has CNS seen a drastic reduction in travel — they have also seen immense growth in employees’ meeting via video. The ease of use of the solution has made video collaboration truly available at the click of a button, and the interoperability ensures that anyone can connect over Lifesize and meet face to face.

“The consortium has undoubtedly benefited significantly since choosing Lifesize — the solution is now perceived internally as a corporate ‘welfare’ tool, a benefit that allows greater satisfaction of our resources while also allowing us to be green. We are fully satisfied with Lifesize and can’t wait to expand our usage in the near future.”