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Established in 2005, NRG Solutions is a corporate training and business coaching company that helps their clients develop their leadership teams and staff. The organization delivers tailor-made, dynamic programs, workshops and coaching services that are designed to be relevant, engaging and practical. Based in Sydney, NRG Solutions works with small- to medium-sized businesses across a broad range of industries throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Before 2020, NRG Solutions relied heavily on phone calls and emails to conduct business. Staff also spent a significant amount of time traveling since trainings and workshops were typically conducted in person. With the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, all travel and in-person events completely halted. For the company to stay afloat during the pandemic, NRG Solutions had to quickly transition into a video training company. 


 After analyzing the organization’s needs, Paul Denton and his team at Video Dynamics Australia positioned Lifesize as the best end-to-end video conferencing solution that covered all of NRG’s collaboration and training scenarios. The Video Dynamics team and Rob Winefeld from Lifesize guided NRG Solutions through the entire setup and onboarding process.  

Since most employees in Australia and New Zealand were working from home during the pandemic, Lifesize was a safe and cost-effective way of continuing to conduct training sessions and workshops. NRG solutions used Lifesize virtual meetings to meet with sales teams of up to 20 people and the Lifesize live stream function for sessions of up to 150 attendees. Steve Herzberg, managing director of NRG Solutions, explains, “The live streams are an excellent way to broadcast a message to a large audience while still allowing them all to be engaged through using a moderator and the chat feature.”  

Additionally, NRG Solutions used the Video Dynamics’ studio with the Lifesize in-room system for added video and audio quality during their training sessions. If an employee was not able to attend the live event, NRG simply used the Lifesize record function to share the training sessions with the employee after the event. “Lifesize has enhanced the meeting experience immensely,” says Herzberg. “I’ll seriously be questioning flying to run face-to-face training sessions in the future.”

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Lifesize has changed the way we think and act in our business. Our clients are similar, and our content is similar, but our delivery method is different. 

— Steve Herzberg, Managing Director, NRG Solutions


Since NRG Solutions started using Lifesize in the first quarter of 2020, they have dramatically cut travel-related costs. Instead of spending hours or days on the road or in the air to host and conduct in-person events, meetings now happen instantly through the Lifesize platform. This is a considerable time saver not only for NRG staff but also for their clients. Participants get many of the same benefits of an in-person event, like the face-to-face interaction, with the bonus of being able to attend the training from anywhere in the world. Herzberg noted how Lifesize has improved their relationships with their clients: “They can now see that NRG has highly credible, high-quality options in the video or online training space.”